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Hi, My name is Bartosz. I will help you improve your presence in the marketplace and increase recognition by potential customers in places like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, or Twitter, where your customers can easly spot your products.

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Why CopyCity?

1. Technology is evolving at a tremendous pace. To adapt to the fast-moving market, I rely on creativity and the constant expansion of my marketing arsenal.2. Constant innovation allows my clients to keep up with and benefit from trends, increasing visibility and sales.3. Communication is the key to getting your company's message across to the broadest possible audience.4. You are looking to expand your business, working with experts who can deliver high-quality copy and marketing expertise.

Persuasive marketing

Ensure your customer's eyes will light up after reading the newsletter, post, or product description. It's essential to paint vividly the picture of where you are going.

Build trust with your customers

Even tho you have the best product or service in the marketplace, customers need to trust you to consider cooperation with you. With a little copywriting magic, you can build a communication bridge with them.

Attention please!

Make a lasting impression on your potential customers through incredible eye-catching posts on Social Media. Not only can this make your advertisements unforgettable, but it can also encourage more visitors to your website.

Content that surprise


High-value content included in your marketing strategy can be a game-changer. By highlighting services that are hard to find elsewhere or innovative solution, you can significantly enhance your customer base.

It's time to shine


Using Social Media to advertise products is the best investment you can make. I will help you use those platforms with millions of users to boost your conversions and help you grow.

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Social Media Marketing

Generating attention-grabbing social media posts is an effective way to sneak under potential customers' noses. Not only can this make your advertisements unforgettable, but it can also encourage more visitors to your website.

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